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The Dickens You Say ..

Mike's Meadow Muffin for May 10, 2004

Health care workers ordered back to work with a 15% pay cut...

The Dickens You Say ..

In a foggy Victorian City,

across the Dire Strait,

A bumbling band of cut throats,

meet to plan their victims' fate.

In a musical scene from Oliver Twist,

Sung by Gordy's motley Crew,

If we're to grasp Olympic Gold,

We've got to pick a pocket or two...

Health care workers, are just the first,

any union stiff will do...

If we're going to give ourselves a raise...

We'll have to pick a pocket or two.

The next election aint that far off,

and our friends have become quite few,

If we're going to buy back all those votes...

We'll have to pick a pocket or two.

Mike Puhallo

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