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Canadians in Old Fort Worth

Canadians in Old Fort Worth

I am honoured to have been selected as the featured poet for the Academy Of Western Artists Awards held July 13, 2004 in Fort Worth. Three Canadians;Matt Johnston of Clearwater BC, Doris Daley from Calgary and Innisfail Alberta's Tammy Gislasen are among the final nominees for this years awards, Frank Galbraith and Jim Reader also came down to back us up.

Wandering around in the old Cowtown,

Doris, Matt and Tammy-Dee

Checking out the sights of ol' Fort Worth

along with Frank, Jim and Me.

Six pack of Canadians

Way down in the USA,

Spouting Rhymes and picking tunes ,

The Northern Cowboy Way.

From the Chilcotin Range to the Texas Plains,

the thing that I like best,

Is the common thread that seems to bind,

True children of the West!


Mike Puhallo

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