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Face to Face

Mike's Meadow Muffin for April 18, 2005

Face to Face

Yesterday I went over to help the neighbours brand a bunch of Fall Calves, some were pretty big and just a little wild.I was working in the run pushing calves up to the chute, things went pretty well until we got down to the last few.

She used me for a launch pad,

when she made her first escape,

hoof prints on my back and shoulder,

but I got off with out a scrape.

She scrambled over the calf chute,

and out into the pen.

So we branded all the others,

then ran her in again.

Half way down the chute run,

She turned herself around,

lined up on the end gate

and once more she left the ground.

Young Darryl went to stop her

He leaped up with style a grace,

and in the air above the end gate,

met the heifer face to face.

Now he's a sorry sight to see,

'cause kissing cattle aint no fun,

A fat lip, bloody nose and busted glasses.

But he kept that heifer in the run!

Mike Puhallo

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